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No Financial Planning Means Bigger Financial Risks

Identifying proper financial goals and planning to achieve them in a systematic way is the heart of financial planning. Without a proper chalked out financial plan, there are a lot of risks. Often we find people without a proper retirement corpus and no money to bank upon because they haven't planned for it in advance.

Not understanding the risk profile is another major drawback that a person faces if he hasn't done proper financial planning. Imagine a retired person putting all his savings into a high risk mutual fund in anticipation for a high return, and losing a major chunk of his hard earned money. At a time when he required a steady, stable income, he has simply wiped out his savings. Financial planning reduces the risks of loss by removing impulsive decisions through a seasoned and planned financial advice.

Besides planning for emergency, understanding the investment strategies and risk profiles, a financial plan helps you prepare for major events of life. Be it a marriage, buying a car, or a dream vacation, or buying a house, planning for kids education, daughter's marriage all can be planned and executed in a desired manner with a well laid out financial plan.

Life often throws unexpected surprises like a divorce (which no one even dreams of when one marries) or a sudden lay off (which might mean a new job hunting and supporting the family or self for the entire jobless period). Tackling all these require prudent financial planning.

Another major expenditure, which is often ignored by parents, is the cost of educating their kids. The cost of education is increasing by each passing year and the desire to be in the forefront demands a good education. Can you imagine what a good schooling, good college, coupled with a foreign degree will cost? We are talking in Lakhs of Rupees here. If you don't start saving for your kid's education at early stages, chances are good that you'll feel the cash crunch when the time comes.

Lifestyle changes as one grows in his or her life. The two bedroom house that you have now might be insufficient five years from now when you have two kids. Similarly, a long vacation every year might become inevitable. A bigger and more luxurious car might be required to complement your lifestyle as you shift into a plusher house. All this would require financial inputs at different stages of life, and being prepared beforehand will always help.