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Financial Planning Advisor - A Successful Career Option

As a financial adviser, your major duty is to help people who cannot personally decide right on the way they should invest their money. The economic meltdown previously witnessed by most countries of the world has called for proper planning on the way people invest their money. It is often said that 'put your money where your mouth is'. Most people are now careful about what they do with their money in terms of saving and spending. So, for people to wisely invest their money, the role of a financial planning adviser comes to play.

Employment Opportunities for Financial Planning Adviser.

There are numerous available employment opportunities for a financial adviser. A financial planning adviser could work in insurance companies, banks, security firms, mutual funds, stock exchange firms, bureau de change, and so on. Research has shown that more than 1 and half of financial planning advisers work for very big firms relating to insurance or finance. But in case you are the type who lives in a country where graduate do not easily get jobs, you are better advised to be self-employed. You only need little capital to start your personal small investment firms. You could also get a small office space and stay there as a consultant to the poor people who think of using their money wisely. Also, if you think you do not have enough to get a small office space, do not worry; you could also work from the comfort of your home. This therefore means that you can actually operate as successful financial firms from the comfort of your home. Aside helping individuals to invest their money wisely, you could also help companies who are offering shares for sale to manage their stock data base.

What You need to Become a Financial Planning Adviser

Before you could become a financial planning adviser, you need a degree in finance, accounting, business administration, statistics or insurance. But in case you hold a degree in other fields that are not relevant to financial issues like law, engineering and so on, you could still study some accounting related courses that are short term. You need to undergo this study before you could qualify to manage people's money. If you want to be self employed may be you want to work as a financial consultant, then you need to register your business name with the appropriate body. The overall thing which you need to have is dedication to your profession.